Letter (Part I)



  • 3 SKS
  • Meeting          : 4 (Fourth)
  • Topic               : Letter Part I
  • Sub-Topics    : The Heading, Dateline, Reference Line, Inside Address
  • Target              : Understanding the letter of part I
  • References      :  Suryanto Dan Hetty Rachdiana S. English Business  Correspondence. 3rd Edition. Bandung; Humaniora. 2009,   pp. 4-9
  • Contents          :


The Heading / Letterhead


  1. Name of the company
  2. Complete address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Telex number
  5. Facsimile number
  6. Telegraphic/ cable address
  7. Kind of business activity


Dateline (Date of the Letter)


British style       : 6th December, 2010

American style     : December 6th, 2010


Read: The sixth of December two thousand and ten

December the sixth two thousand and ten


Reference line


Example:                                  The reply:

  1. Ref. HH/AP                                   Your ref.
  2. Ref. HH/AP/B3                             Our ref.


Inside Address


Write the Mr, Mrs, Miss


  1. First line: Name of the receiver and the title (if any)
  2. Second line: Number of the house and the location of the company
  3. Third line: Name of the city and the postcode, including the name of the district, suburb or province
  4. Fourth line: Name of the country or the continent


  • Exercises                   : Group work

What is the importance of the four parts of the letters?



The importance

The heading/ letterhead  












Reference line  






Inside address  







Tasks               :         Individual task

Please write examples of each of the four parts of a letter

(at least 5 examples)



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