Letter of Persuading and Invitation



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 13 (Thirteenth)
  • Topic               : Letter of Persuading and Invitation
  • Target              : Writing a letter of persuading and invitation
  • References       :

–       Burt, Angela and Andrew Fergus. A Guide to Better Letters.Malaysia; Golden Books Centre Sdn. Bhd. 2005, pp. 17 – 22

–       Sjah, Djalinus and Azimar Enong. Practical Guide to Business Correspondence.Jakarta; Simplex Publishing Company, 1983, pp. 108 – 229

  • Contents          :

Letter of Persuading

It is written when someone wants to persuade another people for a particular interest or hobby. For general contents, this letter also has the same meaning with letter of suggestion.

Some forms of this letter are:

–       Suggesting a purchase

–       Suggesting a sale

–       Suggesting further service or business

–       Suggesting future contact

–       Suggesting an idea

–       Suggesting a change

For a higher degree letter in the persuasion, there are some forms of it, which are:

–       Persuasion to colleagues and associates

–       Persuasion to superiors

–       Persuasion to the General Public

–       Persuasion to Government officials

Letter of Invitation

This kind of letter is written when an event that is formal is going to be held. It is written and given to the receiver at least one week before the event starts.

Some forms of this letter are:

–       invitations to dinner,

–       invitations to individuals at home,

–       invitation to receptions, teas and coffees,

–       wedding invitation,

–       recitals,

–       invitation for an academic activity,

–       a club at ‘home’

–       invitation to go to an exhibitions

–       anniversaries

Things that should be done in writing a letter of persuading:

–       Don’t use weightless words

–       Don’t repeat

–       Don’t make your reader an outsider

–       Don’t leave your reader guessing

–       Don’t overstate your case

–       Don’t flatter

–       Nudge, don’t shove

  • Exercises                   :

Group discussion

  1. Please discuss why a letter of persuading needs a well-understanding or personal touch?
  2. What will happen if when someone writes a letter of invitation does not mention the information well? Why that it could happen? How to avoid that?
  • Tasks               :

Individual task

Please write one letter of persuading and invitation for your lecturer to attend your graduation day and ask for his or her advice about what you should do after the graduation day.

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