Letter of Granting, Refusing, and Aplogizing



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 11 (Eleventh)
  • Topic               : Letter Of Granting, Refusing, And Apologizing
  • Target              : Writing letter of granting, refusing and apologizing
  • References       : Sharp, Deborah Whittlesey. Writing Business Letters with a Personal Touch. California; Lifetime Learning Publications, 1984, pp. 59 – 82
  • Contents          :


Letter of Granting


It is written when someone wants to grant something to someone or to a company. The tone of this letter is formal. Therefore, the person should have a serious sense of language.

In general, this letter has several forms. They are letter of granting for adjustments, requests, demands, and partial adjustments or compliance.


Letter of Refusing


The same thing as above, this letter is written in order to refuse several business activities that are refused because of some reasons. Some forms of this letter are refusing for adjustments, requests, invitation and awards, and for demands.


Letter of Apologizing


This letter is written when someone needs to mention his or her apology in relation to things that he or she has done before. Additionally, this letter is also written by a company for another company when an apology is needed in order to keep the business relationship well.

Some forms of this letter in business field are apologizing for misunderstandings, inadequate services, product limitations, common shipping errors, common billing errors, and common accounting errors, apologizing to a colleague when no explanation is adequate, and to a customer when no explanation is adequate.


Even though each of them has its own uniqueness in content, the layout is generally the same as the other formal business letters. They are the opening session, the message that you want to deliver to your reader, and the complementary closing. They can strengthen the way you write.

Things that should be done in writing these letters are:

–       Don’t set a bad tone

–       Don’t grant condescendingly

–       Don’t grant begrudgingly

–       Don’t refuse gloatingly

–       Don’t accuse

–       Don’t overapologize

–       Don’t overexplain

–       Don’t hedge


  • Exercises                   :


Individual task


Choose one of the forms of the letters and write one letter to your lecturer. The content is that you grant the event for English debate in STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat will be conducted soon.


  • Tasks               :


Group discussion


Please write one examples of each of the above letters and then compare them one another by focusing on their written expressions and the words used in the letter.



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