Letter of Extending Thanks, Goodwill, and Condolence



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 14 (Fourteenth)
  • Topic               : Letter of Extending Thanks, Goodwill and   Condolence
  • Target              : Understanding and writing the above letters
  • References       : Sharp, Deborah Whittlesey. Writing Business Letters with a Personal Touch.California; Lifetime Learning Publications. 1984, pp. 251 – 275
  • Contents          :

Letter of Extending Thanks

This letter has a purpose to deliver the expression of ‘thank-you’ to a second party. Basically, there are hundreds and even thousands of forms of this letter, but, they have the same layout and expressions. The different thing is the content and the situation of when the expression of thanks is made.

Letter of Extending Goodwill

Personal relationship, like friendship and family, is really needed by everyone in anywhere in the world. Nobody can live his or her life lonely.  Therefore, writing a letter of goodwill is one of the secret of personal success in life.

Letter of Extending Condolence

This letter is the same with the previous letter but it has a purpose that is to express the feeling of sympathy to the others. This letter is usually written for bad moments in life.

Things that should be done in writing the above letters:

–       Don’t use extreme language

–       Don’t be too formal in your thanks

–       Don’t apologize for a form thank-you

–       Don’t be cute in your congratulations

–       Don’t be condescending in your congratulations

–       Don’t stress sadness in a letter of condolence

  • Exercises                   :

Group discussion

  1. When can we use the letter of extending thanks, goodwill and condolence? Why should be at that moment?
  2. What do you think about the above letters? Are Indonesian people writing the same letters in their daily correspondence? Why?
  • Tasks               :


Individual task

  1. Please write a letter of extending thanks to your parents that they have helped so much until you can study in a college
  2. Please write a letter of goodwill to your best-friends for they have been so nice to you and have helped you in any time you need
  3. Please write a letter of condolence when you hear that a grandmother of one of your closest friends is passed away because of the dengue fever.

Author: Syayid

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