Letter of Application and CV



  • Credits             : 3 SKS
  • Meeting            : 15 (Fifteenth)
  • Topic               : Letter of Application and CV
  • Target              : Writing an application letter and a CV
  • References       :

–      Burt, Angela and Andrew Fergus. A Guide to Better Letters.Malaysia; Golden Books Centre Sdn. Bhd. 2005, pp. 54 – 67

–      Sjah, Djalinus and Azimar Enong. Practical Guide to Business Correspondence.Jakarta; Simplex Publishing Company, 1983, pp. 130 – 131, 136 – 139

  • Contents          :

Letter of Application

This letter is the most important thing in the English Correspondence activities. It deals with the future life of someone and the prospective ness of his or her life in a certain field. Without knowing this ability, someone will be ‘kicked off’ before having an interview. To get a job will be so far if someone does not know how to write this letter.

The parts of this letter are the same with the other letters. They are the opening session, or the target of your letter, then, the content of your letter, and at last, the expectation that you need after you letter is read by the prospective employer in the company you are applying.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Resume

These documents always accompany the letter of application. Without one of those, the letter will automatically be not considered and the applicant will be failed in the first stage in getting a better job.

CV has chronological elements and Resume has the same thing but it focuses on the job description. A good CV and Resume usually has less than three pages, even three pages are much to be read by a manager.

Parts of a CV are:

–       Name,

–       Age/Place and date of birth,

–       Sex,

–       Nationality,

–       Religion, Status,

–       Address,

–       E-mail,

–       Handphone numbers,

–       Education,

–       Work Experiences,

–       Qualification,

–       Hobby, and

–       Personal References.


Technical things in writing a CV

Attach your current photograph in black and blue color.

Things that should be avoided when someone writing an application letter

  • Exercises                   :

Group discussion

  1. You want to apply for a job as an English teacher in one of the senior high schools inPadangcity. Please mention things that you should do when writing an application letter!
  2. Please explain why Curriculum Vitae can help the applicant to a better chance rather than the application letter?
  • Tasks               :

Individual task

  1. Please write an application letter to one of English education institutions that you want to apply!
  2. Please write your own original Curriculum Vitae as if you want to apply for the job.

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