How to Make a Better ESSAY

How to Make an Essay Assessment
If you want to assess the essay you have written, therefore, you need to do the following checklist:

A. Content and Ideas

  • The writer has thought carefully about the topic and has a clear main idea, or thesis
  • The writer gives adequate support for the thesis, or main idea
  • There are no logical fallacies used to support the writer’s thesis
  • The writer;s voice is clear because he or she writes in a sincere way and keeps the audience in mind
  • The reader wants to continue reading to the end. It’s interesting.

B. Organization and Form

  • The essay has a clear beginning, middle and end. There are separate introductory, body and concluding paragraph. The thesis statement is clearly expressed in the Introduction.
  • The essay moves logically in a straight line: The reader can fully understand the thesis and support after one reading
  • There is balance: The paragraphs all seem to be the right length. No paragraph is either too long or too short for the writer;s purpose.

C. Language

  • The writer uses a variety of sentence lengths and types to add interest to the writing.
  • The writer avoids problem of sentence structure including fragments, run-on sentences, and lack of parallel-structure.
  • The writer uses English grammar effectively to convey the message. There are few problems of verb-tense, subject-verb agreement, word order, count/non count use, or word forms.
  • The writer chooses vocabulary carefully to communicate clearly.
  • The writer follows rules of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
  • The writer uses cohesive devices to make the relationships between the ideas clear.
  • There are no illogical shifts in tense, person, or number. The tone is consistently formal.

Smallzer, William R. Write to be Read: Reading, Reflection, and Writing. 2nd edition. United Kingdom; The Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. 1998.

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